Yes, let this be the first image of me you have.

Hey folks, my name is Mickey Valentine ( I almost put Mickey Valenllama because of an inside joke) and I’m so glad that you stumbled here.

I’m an agender femme Black person who is also polyamorous and queer. I wear my first gen heritage ( Jamaica!) like a badge. I’m  also a cane user who sometimes have to pull the chair out for much longer distances.  Eventually moving out of the first home that I’ve ever known (NYC) to another, smaller city (Somerville/Cambridge, MA) when I finally have the chance to.

I created this website so I can talk about the variety of things that I passionate about (sex education, sex positivity, health care reform in the realms of reproductive and mental health, disability justice, racial justice, economic justice) as well as allowing folks to step into my life once in a while, through an intersectional lens


Davis Square, which is part of my currently second home. (Somerville, MA)

I do write articles outside of this website and I also facilitate workshops. I would LOVE  to share that with y’all. I also definitely love feedback. You can email me at JamikaT93@gmail.com or mickeyvalentinetee@gmail.com ( I reply to either). I’m so excited and hope you folks are too.

Note : Don’t come for me. Messages that are of a harassing nature will be deleted. I will not entertain people.

Love and Light,
Mickey Valentine


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