I’m Back!

This website has collected dust, but I’m slowly fixing up everything in regards to social media so it can be presentable again.

Since the last post, I have:

  • Was part of a “Sex in the Dark” event hosted by MassArt
  • Talked about my experience with transness and queerness (via Skype!) to a bunch of students at Pace University
  • Done a panel at the Boston University School of Public Health
  • Done a panel at the Northeastern University School of Law
  • Presented a trauma informed sexual education workshop at SUNY-Fredonia (for the first time!)
  • After multiple melt downs, went to partial hospitalization for over a month and learned how to best deal with my mental health problems.
  • Presented Not Your High School’s Sex Ed to University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh (and saw that their CVS has a fancy liquor section)
  • Went to Washington DC to be a legal observer at an action, the very first one I’ve done since I’ve started using my cane.

And there’s more!

I’m so excited to come back. Stay tuned.


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