My name is Mickey (they/them, ze/hir, she/her). I write, I educate, I organize, and I believe in the importance of education being a major form of activism. All of my identifiers in life are important to me. I am queer in gender and in sexuality,  Black Caribbean American, have a working class background, physically and psych disabled. Oh by the way, kink and being allergic to monogamy is my jam. I was born and raised in New York City but now is located in Somerville, MA (2 miles from Boston, a skip and hop away from Cambridge).

I’ve worked for Planned Parenthood, as a online health educator. I was also one of the many reasons why the chat/text program is starting to slowly move away from gendered language. I’ve also interned at the National Institute for Reproductive Health, providing assistance to the TORCH program, which is a program that helps inner city youth become peer educators, but also get educated on reproductive justice themselves. I also write, I’ve written articles for Wear Your Voice Mag and Harlot, stay tuned for more. Currently, I go wherever the wind takes me.

I love to educate. I am immensely passionate about disability, reproductive, racial justice as well as integrating intersections into topics like polyamory or sexual education reform. As my disability progressed (due to fluidity), I have been more aware of education being a tool to dismantle oppression. Organizing work doesn’t just happen in the streets, it happens at coworking spaces, it happens in a classroom, it happens in a park. 

Outside of doing social justice work, I am toting my rollator and/or cane everywhere I go. I am a theatre kid at heart and a massive supporter for decriminalizing drug use (all of them, not just the one I use for health reasons). I have a massive facination with dyeing my hair all the colors under the sun and then shaving them off.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at mickeyvalentinetee@gmail.com. I try to respond as quickly as a day, but sometimes things happen.




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