[Baby picture of Mickey. Mickey is a chubby Black baby. They’re wearing a green hat and a green dress with yellow cuffs. Their hand is on top of a mattress with a white sheet.]

About Mickey Valentine

Hey there. My name is Mickey Valentine. I’m a nonbinary, queer, working class, polyamorous, disabled, kinky Black femme that was born and raised in New York City. However, I am touching base in Somerville, MA. I frequent both areas always and forever (my official home is Somerville). 

I love to educate. I am immensely passionate about disability, reproductive, racial justice as well as integrating intersections into topics like polyamory or sexual education reform.

I  have facilitated workshops to  predominantly youth and colleges & also have talked in panels about a variety of topics.  These topics vary but are never boring. One of my projects I’m currently working on is discussing the intersections between disability  and kink. Another one that I’m working on involves trying to create safe spaces and dialogues for Black, Native, and People of Color to discuss polyamory.

I’m also currently a writer for Wear Your Voice Magazine

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so at mickeyvalentinetee@gmail.com.




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