Guess Who Got a Workshop Approved?

It’s me! Disability_symbols_16 (1)

I will be piloting a workshop centered around disability justice at the New England Queer and Trans People of Color conference in my place of residence, which is New York City.

As someone who is disabled and tries to practice social justice  education through a non oppressive lens, I do notice that queer spaces tend to ignore ableism as a legitimate issue and that also leads for more  leeway when it comes to unpacking and calling out ableist behaviors.

I do want to challenge folks, especially queer and trans folks of colors to discuss ableism in these spaces. There are a few things I will be challenging in these spaces, ranging from desirability politics to seeing things through the eyes of me, a disabled Black person. Also I will be discussing the importance of talking about addicts in a way that isn’t patronizing or demeaning. Hopefully it is through these discussions, we are capable of progressing and discussing ways of making queer and trans spaces more accessible.

Hope I see y’all there.